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International Buyers Benefit From Favorable Exchange Rates

Diamond Marine offers our International buyers the ability to select from a wide range of boat manufacturers, to accommodate virtually any boating style. From luxury yachts and high-performance craft, to sport fishing and family runabouts, we have established solid relationships with each of our manufacturers, and can offer “preferred” pricing, service, and Worldwide delivery of any available model.

Tremendous Savings...
Worry Free Export And Shipping...

Nearly 50% of our business is with International customers. We have extensive experience in shipping throughout the World...from Europe and the Ukraine, to Asia, and beyond.

Diamond Marine is fully experienced in all aspects of the purchase process--from fund transfers, and export/import logistics, to affordable shipping alternatives.

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International FAQ

How Do I get My Boat?

Diamond Marine deals with a wide-selection of International shipping companies. Based upon your location, you vessel may arrive by truck and/or truck and ship.

Is Shipping Expensive?

Surprisingly not. At Diamond Marine there are no hidden costs. When we price your vessel we will provide you with ONE COST—that includes the vessel price, as well as all related expenses, insurance, etc. We manage all of the logistics for you, so that you can decide on a price, and that’s all you have to do.

How are monies exchanged?

Typically money is exchanged via a wire transfer from your bank to ours. You receive title for the vessel via International Express Mail. At that time, the vessel is transferred to the shipping agent, and covered by an insurance policy in your name.

What about U.S. Taxes and Boat Registration?

In addition to benefiting from positive exchange rates, you pay no U.S. sales tax for vessels that are exported from the country. You should check with local officials regarding importation fees, and our shipping agents can also offer information to you. You register the boat (if applicable to your country) just as you would a locally purchased vessel.

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