“Boating Season” - Spring/Summer Services

Diamond marine offers its customers a complete range of services, parts and accessories


With rising gas costs and new advances in outboard and inboard engine technology, Diamond is ready to work with you to explore the cost and performance advantages of re-powering—recommending the best engine alternatives, and their long-term savings in fuel consumption and advantages in overall performance.

Vessel Refurbishing

Many owners love their boats, and have also explored the cost of a new boat verses reconditioning their existing vessel. Diamond can offer a complete program that will make your boat look like new again—from hull repair and repainting, to deck and non-skid refurbishing, to upholstery and replacement of outdated components and fixtures.

For Steiger owners, Diamond offers a unique program that brings your boat “back to the factory” for complete re-manufacturing—delivering virtually a “new’ boat at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Boat Re-comissioning

  • Bottom Painting and reconditioning.
  • Engine Commissioning—fluid changes, tune-up, and all manufacturer’s specified maintenance.
  • Vessel Inspection—we go over the entire boat from light bulbs, gauges, and fluids to all components (electrical/mechanical), to assure that everything is fully operational, and that any component showing wear is addressed before you get on the water.
  • Electronics—each year all major electronics manufacturue's make enhancements to their equipment…we’ll advise you of these advances and recommend any options available to enhance your boating/fishing experience. Diamond offers great electronics deals, as well as installation and system interface support.

Dockside Maintenance/Repair

For those times when you can’t bring your boat to us, Diamond offers complete dock-side services, either to recomission your boat or to remedy a problem.

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